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This fragile nation

"South Sudan named most fragile country; U.S. joins list of worsening nations," warns the CNN headline.  Rut-roh.  We sure don't want to end up like Sudan, do we? Jun 27, 2014 9:13 AM PT

Meriam Ibrahim update: Free again

The Associated Press reported that Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim and her family were set free again, about two hours ago.  Let's see if it holds up this time.  I wouldn't assume she's out of trouble until she's out of Sudan. Jun 26, 2014 8:53 AM PT

IRS admits wrongdoing, pays $50k settlement to National Organization for Marriage

After years of court battles, an early victim of the politicized Internal Revenue Service finally gets a little satisfaction, as the agency admits wrongdoing and ponies up a settlement for handing confidential information on the National Organization for Marriage over to same-sex marriage activists.  From today's NOM press release: Jun 24, 2014 1:14 PM PT

Christian Woman Sentenced to Death for Apostasy Released in Sudan... and Promptly Re-Arrested

I didn't have much to say about the reports that Christian woman Meriam Ibrahim, the wife of U.S. citizen Daniel Wani and mother of his imprisoned American toddler and infant children, had been released, because I didn't believe it.  I was waiting for her to get the hell out of Dodge before popping the champagne corks.  Looks like I was right to be skeptical, as Reuters reports she didn't get any further than the airport: Jun 24, 2014 1:10 PM PT

'Batman' at 25

John Nolte mentioned that Tim Burton's epochal "Batman" film is now 25 years old, which immediately made every aching joint in my aging body flare up, and more of my remaining hair turn white.  Twenty-five years ago?  Really? Jun 24, 2014 1:00 PM PT

'The Last Ship': This boat doesn't know how to go slow

I had a pretty good time with 2012's "Battleship" until the huge alien war machines rose out of the water.  There just isn't enough good cinema about the modern surface Navy.  It seemed a pity to spend the kind of money "Battleship" did, and muck it up with a dopey plot about extraterrestrials (and a childhood-favorite board game.)  ETs are generally quite welcome in my movie and TV diet, but I left the theater thinking that a more realistic look at contemporary surface action would fascinate audiences, just as books on the subject have been captivating readers for many years. Jun 23, 2014 9:24 PM PT

Migrant Army Massing at the Border

Not all of the children flung against our border in the current migratory wave are getting through. The Arizona Republic has the story of one kid who didn't make it... and ended up parked in a Mexican city ripped by drug gang violence, within sight of the Rio Grande, which his parents thought he could win a jackpot of free citizenship and social benefits by crossing. Jun 21, 2014 7:09 AM PT

Nailing down the narrative of failure in Iraq

David French at National Review makes some of the same points I did the other day, about how the new "everyone who supported the Iraq war needs to shut up now" narrative assumes an idyllic alternate timeline where the lovable Saddam Hussein behaved himself after being left alone by the United States.  Why, that sweet old man would never have dreamed of using the WMD stockpiles our friends on the Left insist do not exist, even though ISIS found them in less than two weeks.   Jun 21, 2014 6:39 AM PT

Tipping your waitress is the latest sacrilege against union power

Writing at the Washington Times, Mike Paranzino chronicles the latest Big Labor crusade, this time against tipping.  When I first saw the headline, I spent a few moments frowning and trying to remember what arcane business or high-finance practice might have become known by the nickname "tipping."  I even briefly considered the possibility that unionized agricultural workers were going after the old drunken prank of cow-tipping.   Jun 20, 2014 8:30 AM PT

Saddam's Iraq, Three Iraqs, and other dubious scenarios

While everybody argues over whether the likes of Dick Cheney have anything useful to say about the current Iraq crisis, I can't help thinking the dangers of leaving Saddam Hussein in power are being grossly undersold.  Have the years since his death really been so kind to the memories of the old monster?   Jun 19, 2014 11:50 AM PT


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