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Gawker: Only 'Black' Neighborhoods Are Bad

Apparently, the first thing that comes to Gawker's Sam Biddle's mind when he reads about "bad neighborhoods" is that only "non-white" people must reside in them. Aug 8, 2014 1:16 PM PT

Politico Playbook: Ebola Hearings? What Ebola Hearings?

One word you won't find in Friday's Playbook, though, is "Ebola." You will find 4,424 other words, but not a peep, mention, or hint of Ebola. This, despite the fact there was an alarming Congressional hearing Thursday about the rapidly spreading outbreak on the continent of Africa and an expert who said the death tolls are going to be unimaginable and that six people are currently being tested here in America. Aug 8, 2014 11:26 AM PT

'Into the Storm' Review: 'Sharknado' Without Sharks

My hope was that like "Piranha 3D" (2010), "Shark Knight" (2011) and "Doomsday" (2008), "Into the Storm" would not only embrace its genre roots but put the pedal to the metal as far as carnage, creatively grisly deaths, and gratuitous nudity. What we got is a C-grade TV movie with Sci-Fi Channel -- sorry --Syfy Channel-level special effects. Aug 8, 2014 8:41 AM PT

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Review: Cowa-Boondoggle

With $125 million to play with, director Jonathan Liebsman went a much darker and less charming route with his iconic characters. Because of the dark tone and jokes like, "She's hot, my shell's getting tighter," "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" scored a PG-13 with the ludicrous decision to chase the Marvel zeitgeist at the cost of its own innocence -- which of course is what made the franchise so endurable to begin with. Aug 8, 2014 6:53 AM PT

Record Numbers Renounce Citizenship; Corporations Choose Inversion

This graph showing the boost in the number of American citizens who gave up their American citizenship or long-term residency (expatriated) since Barack Obama became president is pretty shocking. There might not be a correlation between Obama's policies and the explosion of those fleeing, but that's an argument I'd like to hear. Aug 7, 2014 12:05 PM PT

Pay TV Loses 305k Subscribers; Cable About to Cave with 'Virtual Cable'?

The end is nigh for the legal racket known as bundled cable. And that is great news for freedom and for America. Variety reports that during the last quarter, pay TV collectively lost a net of 305,000 customers. This, despite the fact our American population is always growing. Aug 7, 2014 11:01 AM PT

AP Poll: Country Moves Towards GOP On Every Significant Issue

Although you wouldn’t know it from the lack of media coverage, or even the AP's own write-up of the poll (which gives new meaning to the phrase "buried lead"), a new Associated Press-GfK poll offers nothing but harrowing news for Democrats and the media who love them. Aug 7, 2014 9:25 AM PT

Daily Beast Targets Rand Paul with Violent Imagery

Obviously the Daily Beast believes this kind of imagery can result in death threats and even assassination attempts. Why then would an outlet that believes such a thing publish (see above) a photo of Rand Paul with a target over his face with the title: Rand Paul = Democrats’ Enemy #1. Aug 7, 2014 7:54 AM PT

NC Senate: Repub. Tillis Shows Momentum Against Kay Hagan

A look at the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, however, shows that the race is not only statistically tied but that the momentum appears to be with Tillis. After a prolonged and expensive media attack, Hagan had crept ahead of Tillis for much of June by about 3 points in the poll of polls. Not only is that lead gone, Tillis has jumped to small lead in the last two polls. Aug 7, 2014 7:15 AM PT

Greedy Robert Redford Sues to Avoid Tax Bill

If paying taxes is patriotic (as the hard-left would have us believe), Oscar-winning director/actor Robert Redford is taking his anti-American desire not to pay more in taxes than he believes he owes to court. The state of New York is demanding a cool $1.6 million from Redford ($727k in back interest) over the sale of his Sundance Channel to Cablevision's Rainbow Media back in 2005. Aug 6, 2014 1:28 PM PT

Marilyn Burns: 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Original Dead at 65

Marilyn Burns played Sally in Tobe Hooper's original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," the 1974 horror masterpiece that I've seen more times than I can count and placed at the very top of my 2010 list of The 25 Greatest Halloween Movies of All-Time. Burns was found dead today in her Houston home. She was 65. Aug 6, 2014 11:51 AM PT

Jon Voight Opposes Blacklisting Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, The Mighty Jon Voight said that Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, the married actors who signed a letter accusing Israel of genocide last week, should not suffer any kind of career blowback, "Don't try to create a blacklist, he said. "That doesn't help you." Aug 6, 2014 10:26 AM PT

5 Takeaways From CNN's Selective Editing of Steve King

Naturally, CNN chose not to broadcast the entire video -- those portions where Rep. Steve King eloquently articulates why America's rule of law is central to our success and the illegal activists confronting him can only sputter platitudes as a response. Aug 6, 2014 8:51 AM PT

WaPo: 'Fawning' Colbert Puts On 'Embarrassing Display' Over Hillary

Washington Post media reporter Erik Wemple was so disgusted by what he described as Stephen Colbert's "fawning" and "embarrassing display" over Hillary Clinton Tuesday night, he posted the video but chose to "spare readers" from a transcript. The segment is a must-watch. Colbert figuratively drops both his pants and his mask as a Truth Speaker to Power to whip up his trained seal audience for the #ReadyForHillary cult. Aug 6, 2014 7:44 AM PT

WaPo's Aaron Blake, Chris Cillizza Launch Partisan Twitter Attack on Rubio, Cruz

The Washington Post's Aaron Blake and Chris Cillizza pose as objective reporters (even though Cillizza's second home is on MSNBC agreeing with every left-wing premise thrown his way). Both, though, dropped their guard Tuesday to launch illogical and unfounded partisan attacks on Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Aug 6, 2014 6:07 AM PT


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