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Gallup: Democrat Party Approval Drops Single Point From Record Low

The news that the Republican Party hit record low approval ratings in the Gallup tracking poll made all kinds of headlines this week, and justifiably so. But one point this way and another, and it would be the Democrats dealing with the "record low" headlines, because in that same Gallup poll that shows the GOP at record lows also shows the Democrat Party just a single point above its own record low of 40%. Oct 11, 2013 7:26 AM PT

CNN Blasts Values Voters Summit as 'Anti-Gay'

The anti-Christian CNN chose to cover Friday's Values Voters Summit with a chyron that blasted the three-day gathering of social and religious conservatives activists as "anti-gay." Unless there is something else going on I'm unaware of, CNN is smearing this organization as anti-gay based only on their opposition to same-sex marriage -- a position President Obama held until last year. Oct 11, 2013 6:19 AM PT

Don't Buy the Media Spin: The Shutdown Is Killing ObamaCare

The media are covering the ObamaCare launch debacle, and the coverage is the Obama administration's worst nightmare because the shutdown has made it impossible for the White House to come up with a plan that would instruct the media in how to mitigate the damage. Oct 10, 2013 11:01 AM PT

Video: 'Morning Joe' Panel Crumbles In Face of Gun Facts

Ninety-percent of the time, "Morning Joe" is predominantly a rich, white, smug panel of elites who not only agree that government is good and conservatives are evil, but also agree that one another are wonderful. It is a velvet bubble within a bubbled bubble wrapped in satin. Every once in a while, though, a free-thinker gets through, which is what happened Thursday when the Washington Times' senior editor Emily Miller showed up to debate gun control. Oct 10, 2013 9:42 AM PT

Media Whine Obama's 'Worse Than Bush' While Carrying His Shutdown Water

The study's bottom line is that when it comes to media requests, hyper-criticism of media coverage, and outright intimidation, Obama is "worse than Bush." This isn’t the first time the media have complained about this White House. And once again, the media seem to think whining will change things, as opposed to earning Obama's respect through accurate, objective reporting. Oct 10, 2013 7:58 AM PT

ABC News Calls for Market Panic to Budge Republicans

Writing at ABC's The Note, Klein vocally encouraged investors to "SELL," (capital letters original) which he claims is the "only way to jolt the system." Klein made clear that his desire to see the market slide to a point where a national panic sets in, has nothing to do with budging a president who refuses to negotiate. What Klein hopes will be the result of a market meltdown is that angry constituents will force the GOP to cave. Oct 10, 2013 7:01 AM PT

CNN's Blitzer Slapped for Defying Obama

As someone who suffers through the left-wing monotone of CNN's Wolf Blitzer for two hours a day, I can tell you that Blitzer spews opinions all the time. Wolf is especially good at reassuring America that President Obama really, really, REALLY cares about what the everyday American is concerned about. Wednesday, though, Wolf slipped and spouted an opinion Obama and the media's Narrative Plantation Overseers did not approve of. He has since taken it back. Oct 10, 2013 6:38 AM PT

Politico Profile Fails to Mention Alec Baldwin's Homophobic Tweets

Baldwin without making a single mention of the fact that he is controversial. If you weren't aware of, among other things, Baldwin's very recent homophobic threats against a journalist, you'd think he was just a sweet actor who doesn't like earpieces and whose career has hit a point where he's working for a low-rated cable news network. Oct 9, 2013 1:20 PM PT

Tapper: 'Yes I Do' Believe There's Bias In Media

"Yes I do but I also think it's more complicated than just liberal bias. I think there are a lot of hard-working reporters in NYC and DC who have never fired a gun, or never worked a 9-5 manual labor job, or lived in the middle of the country, or worried about their next paycheck, or have anyone in their family who serves in the military and I think that creates a cultural bias." Oct 9, 2013 11:10 AM PT

Poll: Democrats Lose Lead in Congressional Generic Ballot

In another edition of the polls the media won't cover, between September 29 and October 6, Democrats have lost a 4 point lead in Rasmussen's generic ballot that asks voters if they would vote for a Democrat or Republican in the upcoming midterm elections. That poll is now tied at 40% - 40%. At the end of last month, Democrats led 42% - 38%. Oct 9, 2013 8:16 AM PT

Shutdown Victim: Amnesty Rally Media Coverage

For a week the media have been laughing at Republicans with the false claim that if we hadn't shut down the government they would be covering the dismal failures of the ObamaCare launch. Well, that is a good line of subtle blackmail, but the media actually are covering ObamaCare's launch failures. What the media did not and are not covering, though, is yesterday's amnesty rally on the DC mall. Oct 9, 2013 7:01 AM PT

Media Fail: Obama Approval Plummets to 37%

In today's edition of polls the media will collectively ignore, a new AP-GFK polls finds that Barack Obama's job approval rating has plummeted to 37%. The President's disapproval rating is up to 53%. There is no good news in this poll for anyone, but if past is prologue, this is the number the media will pretend does not exist as they attempt to manufacture a reality where only the GOP is in trouble over the shutdown. Oct 9, 2013 6:01 AM PT

Shutdown: Cancer Treatments Defunded, Big Bird Receives $445 Million

"According to the Daily Treasury Statement and first reported by CNS News, the administration dished out $445 million to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) on the first day of the slimdown, which means funds for the likes of PBS Newshour, NPR and “Sesame Street” are being spent before cancer research." Oct 8, 2013 1:36 PM PT

'Pathetic' Journalists Rip White House Press Corps

The performance of the White House Press Corps during President Obama's Tuesday afternoon briefing resulted in not a single question that seriously challenged the president or even made him uncomfortable. The hour-long affair was more like a conversation between the like-minded on issues such as the ongoing budget battles and going around congress by raising the debt ceiling by executive fiat. Anyone who remembers the non-stop confrontation directed at President Bush just a few years ago, by this same group of reporters, would not recognize them today. Oct 8, 2013 12:33 PM PT

Week Later, Signing Up for ObamaCare Still Impossible

While my conscience will not allow me to actually sign up for ObamaCare, I am curious about what the process will be like and am even more interested in what my health insurance costs will be. Rather than jump in on day one, I waited a week after the launch to give it a test drive. Incredibly, a full week after the launch, I still can't set up an account much less get anywhere near the point where quotes would be made available. Oct 8, 2013 10:56 AM PT


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