John Pudner

John Pudner

John Pudner wrote his first statistical analysis for the New York Post more than 20 years ago, ranking pitchers on opposite Sundays from when Bill James ranked batters, and he was named as the top sports news writer in his newspaper class in Virginia by the Virginia Press Association. 

Since then he has run more than 200 political campaigns for candidates or ballot issues while continuing to write statistical analysis for sports and developing a database of thousands of basketball players at and writing for He met with and advised several NBA teams to advice on the future performance of potential draft picks this year. His work for the Alabama Farmers Federation in 2010 included helping to coordinating door-to-door efforts that reached the homes of 170,000 voters, and his more recent statistical work was featured by CNN/Sports Illustrated.

Latest News

Puig Could Take Batting Title with 45 for 100 Finish

Yasiel Puig is on pace to have exactly 100 more at bats this season. While he will easily have the best batting average in the league (his current .351 is 20 points ahead of Chris Johnson of the Braves), he is on pace to fall 54 plate appearances short of the 502 required due to not being called up until the 56th game of the season. Puig would have to hit .450 - 45 of 100 - to be crowned batting champion if all other players kept their current averages as shown below on the leaders list: Sep 2, 2013 7:56 AM PT

Nebraska Survives Furious Wyoming Rally, 37-34

I grew fond of the Wyoming Cowboys during my three months in the state running Mitt Romney’s 67% nomination win in the state in 2008. When I encountered the strong anti-BYU feelings I asked if BYU was considered a rival, only to be told, “Oh no, most of the teams we play like BYU are much better than us, so I just want to try to beat Colorado State.” The team has improved a lot, and Saturday feel just short of a major upset at No. 18 Nebraska. Aug 31, 2013 9:21 PM PT

'Old Big East' Has Pulse: Cincy Crushes Big 10's Purdue

Tommy Tuberville is off to a good start in his long-shot effort to keep the old Big East relevant in football. Tuberville is 5-2 against TOP FIVE teams, he ditched the Big 12 to come to Cincinnati, pulled quarterback Gunner Kiel away from Notre Dame, then Saturday handed the Big Ten's Purdue their biggest opening day loss since 1996 by a 42-7 score. Aug 31, 2013 5:57 PM PT

Texas A&M Player Suspended Under Controversial Targeting Call

Deshazor Everett sealed Alabama's only loss last year with his late interception (photo), but Saturday he was front-and-center after being instantly ejected and suspended under the new targeting rule. Rice receiver Klein Kubiak juggled and dropped a pass from Driphus Jackson in the closing moments of a lopsided loss to Texas A&M, and Everett then hit Kubiak high - but without helmet-to-helmet contact. Aug 31, 2013 2:26 PM PT

Tailgating Brings Alumni Together, Millions to Small Towns

AUBURN - NFL tailgating draws from millions of people living in the surrounding city, but entire population of small towns like Auburn (AL), Tuscaloosa (AL), State College (PA) and Ann Arbor (MI) can fit into the college stadiums. Fall Saturdays are a part of the American culture, bringing alumni back from around the country to set claim their spot of the old college campus at a benefit of more than $100 million to each of these communities - and to reconnect and meet new friends. Aug 31, 2013 12:00 PM PT

Pac-12, Big 12 Coaches: Our Conferences Better 'Top-to-Bottom' than SEC

Coach Mike Leach of the Pac 12 and Bob Stoops of the Big 12 both say the bottom half of the conferences are better than the bottom half of the SEC. The table below breaking down the 72 teams in BCS conferences based on show that the bottom half of the six BCS Conferences rank in the same order as the top half of each; SEC (average rating of bottom half is 41st), Big 12 (49th), Pac 12 (70th), Big Ten (just worst than 70th), ACC (78th) and American Athletic (91st), but those will change every week. Aug 31, 2013 1:14 AM PT

We Were Robbed! Biggest Home Advantages Out West, in Canada

If you believe home field advantage is purely the result of fans influencing officiating, then Big Ten referees are the fairest in the land and Pac 12 refs are the biggest "homers." Pac 12 teams typically are more than eight points better at home than on the road, while Big Ten teams are barely five points better at home than on the road in a comparison of 101 conferences, but neither are close to the 12.8 points swing for the Saskatchewan Huskies and the other Canadian West teams (see table of home advantages vs. a neutral field below based on Aug 31, 2013 12:25 AM PT

Conference vs. Conference Match-ups: Let Trash-Talking Begin

Regional trash-talking can officially begin as college football kicks off in earnest Saturday. "If (fill in the worst team in conference) played in (pick conference you are trashing) they would contend for the title." "Our teams only lose some bowl games because they beat up on each other all year." "With the home jobs they get in (conference you are trashing) there is no wonder they win. Stats do say there is a bigger home advantage in the Pac-12 and Mountain West, but that could be the result of long flights as much as blown calls. Aug 30, 2013 10:26 PM PT

Tebow Survives Another Cut

Tim Tebow survived another morning as one of 65 remaining New England Patriots. The Patriots cut another 10 players, including tight ends Jake Ballard and Daniel Fells, but will still need to cut an additional 12 players to get to 53. An earlier piece noted that Tebow physically measures up as a tight end. Aug 30, 2013 12:09 PM PT

Alphabetical Scoreboard: 29 Games, 1677 Points, 4 Upsets

Thursday ended at midnight in California when 61st-ranked Fresno State stopped 49t-ranked Rutgers's overtime two point conversion for the fourth upset in 29 games based on the rankings at The rankings listed below next to all 55 FBS (old Division 1-A) and FCS (1-AA) schools show Fresno State joined only #79 Bowling Green, #22 Ole Miss and #121 Towson in beating higher ranked teams. Aug 30, 2013 6:30 AM PT

Dog-Fighting, Cockfighting Rings Shut Down from GA to CA

Monday the Humane Society announced 260 pit bulls were freed in Alabama, and then the Sacramento Bee topped that figure by announcing 267 gamecocks were freed in California as numerous arrests were made in dog fighting and cockfighting operations. Aug 26, 2013 7:20 PM PT

Scoreboard: Tigers, Angels, Red Sox Pitchers Dominate Weekend

Three pitching staffs were dominant in this weekend’s 3-game series. The Angels (-13 below .500) allowed only two Mariners runs and the Tigers (+24) allowed only four Mets runs in the two weekend sweeps. The Red Sox (+22) allowed only five to be the first team to beat the Dodgers (+22) in a series in more than two months while matching them at 22 games above .500. All weekend scores are listed on the alphabetical scoreboard below. Aug 25, 2013 8:44 PM PT


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