John Pudner

John Pudner

John Pudner wrote his first statistical analysis for the New York Post more than 20 years ago, ranking pitchers on opposite Sundays from when Bill James ranked batters, and he was named as the top sports news writer in his newspaper class in Virginia by the Virginia Press Association. 

Since then he has run more than 200 political campaigns for candidates or ballot issues while continuing to write statistical analysis for sports and developing a database of thousands of basketball players at and writing for He met with and advised several NBA teams to advice on the future performance of potential draft picks this year. His work for the Alabama Farmers Federation in 2010 included helping to coordinating door-to-door efforts that reached the homes of 170,000 voters, and his more recent statistical work was featured by CNN/Sports Illustrated.

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Value Add: Top 16 Hoop Trios 22 Days Before Selection Sunday

With Selection Sunday just 22 days away, the following would be the No. 1 through No. 4 seeds if selections were based on the top three players from each team. Al McGuire first noted that it usually takes three stars to win a championship, and the following table lists the top 16 trios in basketball with the top three players listed along with their Value Add rankings, individual rank among the 4,000 D1 players, and heights as shown on Syracuse would be the top seed in the country, and that rating does not even include CJ Fair. Feb 22, 2014 8:59 AM PT

Valued Add Bracketology: 9- to 12-seeds Based on Top Trios

The depth and balance of San Diego State, Virginia and St. Louis may get them very high seeds - however depth can be less important in the tournament where have three strong players can be more important to a run. If bids were handed out just based on which teams had the best trio of players at, then those three teams would drop all the way to 11- or 12-seeds. A team happy to be on this list is Wyoming - as Breitbart Sports All-American Larry Nance leads a trio that would make them worthy of a 9-seed for a 3-on-3 tournament. Feb 22, 2014 1:06 AM PT

Value Add Bracketology Projections: 5- to 8-seeds if Based on Top 3 Players

If Selection Sunday were choosing teams for a 3-on-3 tournament, Alabama, NC State and Utah would be enticing choices due to dominant point guards, while Green Bay, Canisius and Georgia State could also be first upset winners if they can win their conference tournament. With the possible exception of Green Bay, each of those teams will need to win their conference tournament to get a bid, but if they do keep each of them on upset alert when doing your brackets. Feb 22, 2014 12:55 AM PT

Value Add Bracketology: 13- to 16-seeds: UC Santa Barbara Most Likely Early Upset

The search for a surprise opening round upset can start with finding a low-seed with a few players that can contend with a high seed. If UC Santa Barbara wins the Big West they pose the biggest threat with the 50th best trio in the country led by Breitbart All-American UC Santa Barbara. Some traditional threats like Davidson do not appear to have a trio this year with much of a chance, showing up as a No. 16 seed based on their top trio. Feb 22, 2014 12:53 AM PT

Kentucky-Florida Showdown: Final Four Preview?

The legendary Al McGuire always said a team needed 3 ½ stars to win a title, and if that is true then two of the five contenders face off at 9 p.m. Saturday when Florida visits Kentucky. Feb 15, 2014 3:30 PM PT

Breitbart Sports/Value Add Projects NCAA Men's Basketball All-American Team

Forget preseason hype, the charges of East Coast bias or Los Angeles bias, the charges of players at small schools beefing up numbers against weaker competition or counter charges of small school stars being overlooked because few see them on TV. For the second straight year (see 2013 team here), Breitbart Sports is the first major outlet to announce the All-American team (1st through 4th team) just one month before the brackets of Selection Sunday. Feb 15, 2014 9:19 AM PT

Trio of Top 100 Players: Florida, Kentucky, Louisville, Wisconsin and ... Green Bay?

If you go with the more precise Offensive only Value Add (see other post), then your Player of the Year is Doug McDermott, while the less precise but more inclusive Overall Value Add rates UConn's Shabazz Napier No. 1. Michigan State fans were upset when Michigan's Nik Stauskas rated ahead of their players two weeks ago, but now he is up to No. 9 overall after winning at Michigan State (see photo). Five teams now have three of the top 100 players listed below with two Wisconsin schools (Wisconsin and Green Bay), two SEC teams (Kentucky and Florida) and defending national champion Louisville. Jan 26, 2014 3:08 PM PT

McDermott Makes Value Add History, May Make Creighton National Title Contender

Doug McDermott ranks as the third best offensive player at for the third straight year. This year his Creighton team is thinking national championship because of the help he has from Ethan Wragge (44th of 4000 players after going 7 of 7 on three-pointers in the first seven minutes against #4 Villanova) and Jahenns Manigat (56th), but they still have only the 71st best defense according to UConn's Shabazz Napier as the top overall Value Add player due to his defense. Jan 26, 2014 1:32 PM PT

Value Add: 11 Biggest Disappointments Still May Revive

With Warren Buffet now offering $1 billion if anyone can fill out a perfect bracket, you may want to look at the 11 teams that Value Add calculates were really at least eight points better than they have played so far. Michigan, Kentucky and Virginia are on the list – but after disappointing starts have looked dominant since conference play began. More than 70 percent of all teams are within four points of their projection – but not these 11 – and we list all 51 underachievers below. Jan 23, 2014 9:29 AM PT

Value Add: 15 Biggest Surprise Teams

If you are mulling over Warren Buffet’s offer to pay you $1 billion if you can fill out a perfect bracket, you may want to look at the 15 biggest surprises of the year and decide if you believe they are sleepers for the tournament or just over-performers. Two of the four D1 teams in Wisconsin have been dominant, and San Diego State, Utah, Cincinnati and Florida State are also among 15 teams that have been at least eight points better in Value Add than their projections. Jan 23, 2014 9:29 AM PT

Value Add Rankings: Who's the Top College Basketball Player at Your School?

What player at your alma mater gives you the best chance to be celebrating a March Madness win in a couple of months? Below is a list of the top player from every school so that you can just search your school and see who your alma mater's best player is and where he ranks. This is a preview of the database of every player at Jan 16, 2014 2:06 PM PT

Value Add Predictor: Pac-12 Has Best All-Conference Team

Computers rank the Big Ten as the best basketball conference from top to bottom. However, if each conference had to put their Top 10 players on the court for a game, the Value Add Predictor gives the Pac-12 an 83-74 win over the best players in the Big Ten. UCLA's Jordan Adams (pictured) gets the better of his counterpart Ben Brust of Wisconsin in the semifinal and then the Pac12 gets past the American Athletic Conference All-Stars 76-73. The box scores of mock games between all 32 All-Conference teams are contained below and in separate posts. Jan 4, 2014 10:35 AM PT

Mock Tournament Sweet 16: SEC Beats MAC (Big East, MVC eliminated)

Sweet 16: SEC needs bench to beat MAC (Big East, MVC eliminated) In New York, the Mid American’s top five players went toe-to-toe with the SEC for a 41-41 tie due to double digit outings for Karrington Ward (Eastern Michigan) and Richaun Holmes (Bowling Green). However, the SEC’s second team of Chris Denson (Auburn), Jordan Clarkson (Missouri), Michael Frazier (Florida), Algie Key (Alabama) and Aaron Harrison (Kentucky) dominated each of their counterparts for a 78-68 win. The Elite 8 match-up was set up with the 14-seed MAC pulled the upset of the tournament over the 3-seed Big East 72-70 behind Ohio center Maurice Ndour, who beat his counterpart 9-5. Jan 3, 2014 3:55 PM PT

Mock Tournament Sweet 16: American beats Big 12 (MAAC, MWC eliminated)

In Memphis, the Cincinnati duo of Sean Kilpatrick and Justin Jackson dominated their Big 12 counterparts to lead the American Athletic Conference to a 75-66 win. The Oklahoma State duo of Marcus Smart (outdueled Louisville’s Russ Smith) and Markel Brown (team-high 10 points) did their part, but it was not enough as the American had a much easier time than they did in their previous one-point win over the MWC. The Elite 8 game was set up by the best showdown of the tournament, as the American won a 73-72 Sweet 16 victory over a great MWC team on the basis of Shabazz Napier (UConn shooting guard) and Shaq Goodwin (Memphis center). Jan 3, 2014 3:13 PM PT


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