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Harry Reid Has Taken Over the Democrat Party

The sitting President is usually the titular leader of his party. This role can diminish late in a second-term, when possible successors take the national stage. President Obama, it seems, however, has been dethroned early, just months after having won reelection. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is calling the shots for Democrats on the epic political fight over the government shutdown and debt ceiling increase. Obama is almost a bystander. Oct 7, 2013 7:15 AM PT

Obama Advisors: 'Only Congress Has Authority to Borrow'

Speaking Monday morning in Washington, Obama's top economic advisors shot down the idea that President Obama could unilaterally raise the debt ceiling if Congress fails to act. "Only Congress has the authority to borrow," Jason Furman, Chair of Obama's Council of Economic advisors told Politico's Mike Allen. Oct 7, 2013 6:38 AM PT

House Unanimously Gives Feds More Paid Vacation

On Saturday, the House voted, unanimously, to give furloughed federal workers back-pay when the government re-opens. The 800,000 "non-essential" workers who are currently prohibited from working will be compensated for their non-work. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid dismissed the measure as a "paid vacation," although the Senate is expected to approve it on Monday. Oct 6, 2013 6:14 AM PT

Gallup: Obama Approval Falls to 41%

The latest Gallup tracking poll finds that just 41% of Americans approve of President Obama's job performance. A solid majority, 52%, disapprove of Obama. This latest Gallup poll is the first in which all the interviews were conducted after the government shutdown and ObamaCare came into effect. It is a clear sign that Obama and the Democrats will share blame for the current funding impasse. Oct 5, 2013 7:41 AM PT

Feds Try to Close the OCEAN Because of Shutdown

Just before the weekend, the National Park Service informed charter boat captains in Florida that the Florida Bay was "closed" due to the shutdown. Until government funding is restored, the fishing boats are prohibited from taking anglers in 1,100 square-miles of open ocean. Fishing is also prohibited at Biscayne National Park during the shutdown. Oct 5, 2013 7:08 AM PT

GOP Waking Up to a New Reality

The media and the DC establishment are abuzz with reports that Senate Republicans recently lashed out at Texas Sen. Ted Cruz over the government shutdown. New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte confronted Cruz with copies of ads run by an outside conservative group against her over her vote to allow Sen. Harry Reid to gut the ObamaCare defunding provisions of the House-passed Continuing Resolution. She demanded that Cruz explain his "strategy" over the defunding fight. Oct 4, 2013 7:35 AM PT

57 House Dems Have Abandoned Pelosi, Obama to Keep Parts of Government Open

Since the government shutdown on Tuesday, House Republicans have pushed legislation to reopen selected parts of the federal government. They have proposed legislation to reopen National Parks, the Veterans Administration and fully fund the National Guard, among other measures. To date, 57 House Democrats, almost a third of the caucus, have broken ranks with Leader Pelosi and President Obama to support the GOP refunding efforts. Oct 3, 2013 3:55 PM PT

Paul: White House Didn't 'Poll-Test' No Compromise Message

The media and the left are agitated that Sens. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell were caught on a "hot mic" discussing the utter lack of a White House strategy to navigate the government shutdown fight. Paul notes, in his conversation with McConnell, that he doesn't the think White House "poll-tested 'We won't negotiate' and its awful for them to say that over and over again." Oct 3, 2013 10:43 AM PT

Reid, Democrats Embraced 'Piecemeal' Approach to Keep Helium Reserve Open

While House and Senate Republicans attempt to reopen specific federal agencies, Senate Democrats have formed a united block against what they call a "piecemeal" approach. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has slammed Republicans for trying to "cherry-pick" which parts of government to keep open. Never mind that Congress used to budget this way, it is also what the Senate Democrats agreed to unanimously just last week. Oct 3, 2013 9:33 AM PT

Government Is Normally Funded by 'Piecemeal' Bills

Since the government shutdown, House and Senate Republicans have proposed restoring funding to specific agencies or government functions while the parties seek consensus on the larger issues. The House has proposed legislation to reopen the National Parks, the National Institutes for Health and the Veterans Administration, among others. Democrats have flatly refused, dismissing the GOP efforts as "piecemeal" approaches. The thing is, however, government is normally funded by such a "piecemeal" approach. Oct 3, 2013 8:42 AM PT

Poll: Voters Blame GOP, Obama for Shutdown

A plurality of Americans, 44%, say Republicans deserve more blame for the government shutdown, according to a new CBS poll. But, a surprising 35% believe President Obama, who has publicly refused to negotiate with the GOP, deserves more of the blame over the shutdown. The slim 8-point margin is similar to the findings of a poll taken a week before the shutdown. The findings confirm that the parties will suffer equally from an fallout over the shutdown. Oct 3, 2013 7:28 AM PT

GOP Flirts With 'Grand Bargain,' Tax Hikes to Fix Funding, Debt Issues

As the federal government enters day three of a partial shutdown, talk in Congress is turning increasingly to a "grand bargain" that would include entitlement and tax reform as a way to resolve the current fiscal impasse. Rep. Steve Stivers, a close Boehner ally, even floated the idea that "revenue", i.e. higher taxes, could be part of this "bargain." Oct 3, 2013 5:34 AM PT

DC Restaurants Offer Free Food, Drinks to Federal Employees

Washington DC is a company town. As LA is dominated by the entertainment industry, the DC area is dominated by the federal government. When the government shuts down, furloughing hundreds of thousands of workers, there is going to be a big impact in the region. Some area restaurants and bars are responding by offering free food and drinks to federal employees during the shutdown. Oct 2, 2013 1:17 PM PT

Exclusive--Park Police Recalled to Defend Memorial From Veterans

On Monday, just hours into a government shutdown, the Park Police tried to block access to the WWII memorial. The memorial, which is basically a landscape feature in a public park, was temporarily cut off from veterans of World War II on a charity mission to see the memorial for the first time. Breitbart News has learned that the federal government specifically activated members of the Park Police to block the veteran's access. Oct 2, 2013 9:45 AM PT

Obama Administration Decided to Block Access to Memorials

The Obama Administration has decided to block access to public memorials on the National Mall as a result of the government shutdown. Like its decision to end White House tours when the sequester cuts took effect, there is no rational reason for this. The Park Police, nominally in charge of monitoring these spaces, isn't even effected by the shutdown. Shutting off access to these sites is gratuitous and petulant. Oct 2, 2013 7:11 AM PT


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