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It's Time for John Dean to Tell the Truth About Watergate

Saturday, August 9 marks the fortieth anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s resignation over the scandal known as Watergate. It’s hard to believe but 40 years after Nixon’s resignation the American public still does not know who ordered the Watergate break-in, what the burglars were looking for and why they did it. Aug 6, 2014 9:22 AM PT

Was Nixon's Derailing of LBJ’S Vietnam Bombing Halt Treason or Politics?

While Pat Buchanan’s new book The Greatest Comeback summarily dismisses the idea that Nixon sabotaged the surprise bombing halt and peace talks launched by Lyndon Johnson days before the 1968 election, Historian Ken Hughes' new contribution, Chasing Shadows, due out on July 29, charges the then-presidential hopeful with treason and postulates that the war would have ended had LBJ been uninhibited by Nixon’s maneuverings. Salon’s Paul Rosenberg weighed in with yet another piece charging Nixon with treason as did POLITICO magazine’s John Aloysius Farrell. They all require a correction. I make a different case in my book Nixon’s Secrets. Aug 2, 2014 6:01 PM PT


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