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'Comeback Couple' Returns to Iowa: Hillary Teases POTUS Run, Bill Says GOP Doesn't Want Voters to Think

Still two for the price of one? After being dubbed the "comeback couple" (a reference to Bill Clinton's "comeback kid" moniker after his better-than-expected New Hampshire finish during his 1992 presidential campaign) by Sen. Tom Harkin at his final Steak Fry on Sunday, Bill and Hillary Clinton took their road show to Iowa, the state that humbled Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions in 2008. Sep 14, 2014 7:35 PM PT

Jim Webb: The Democrat Hillary Clinton Should Fear Most

The Democrat Hillary Clinton should fear the most has no chance of winning the party's presidential nomination. Freed from the interest groups and power brokers that he loathes and reluctantly played ball with in the Senate, Webb, who was anti-war before Howard Dean and railing against income inequality long before Elizabeth Warren, would instantly bracket Clinton from the right on cultural issues and the left on economic issues. Sep 14, 2014 12:30 PM PT

Facebook's Marc Andreessen: Jeff Sessions 'Clinically Insane' for Supporting U.S. Workers

Do not dare challenge the Masters of the Universe, the Party of Davos, or the Permanent Political Class with facts. After Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), in a thunderous Wednesday speech on the Senate floor, denounced Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg for pushing amnesty on foreign soil and high-tech executives for demanding more guest-worker permits while laying off American workers, Facebook board member Marc Andreessen maligned the Alabama Senator in a series of incensed Tweets. Sep 12, 2014 3:15 PM PT

Jeff Sessions Blasts Mark Zuckerberg for Pushing Amnesty in Mexico

In a thunderous Wednesday speech on the Senate floor, Sen. Sessions (R-AL) blasted Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg for criticizing America and pushing for amnesty legislation on Mexican soil at fellow billionaire Carlos Slim's charity event. Sep 11, 2014 6:39 PM PT

ISIS Leads John McCain to Reverse on Illegal Immigration Urgency

After urging national Republicans not to make illegal immigration an issue in the midterms, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) on Wednesday warned that ISIS is trying to exploit the porous U.S.-Mexico border to carry out terrorists attacks on American soil. Sep 11, 2014 6:14 PM PT

Poll: Support for Pathway to Citizenship among Blacks Plummets

Black Americans' support for a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants has plummeted in the last year as the flood of illegal immigrant juveniles coming across the U.S-Mexico border has highlighted the negative impact illegal immigration has on American workers, especially black Americans. Sep 11, 2014 10:53 AM PT


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