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'The Week': LBJ Ruined Big Government by Talking it Up Too Much

Lyndon Baines Johnson has been declared the "worst modern president" by The Week magazine not because he was such a major failure but because he gave liberalism a bad name by talking it up too much and over promising what it could do. Feb 21, 2014 2:31 AM PT

Firefighters Endangered by Solar Panels

As private homes and businesses across the country join the "green" movement by adding solar panels to supplement their energy systems, fire departments are finding that the devices represent a series of dangerous unintended consequences in fighting structure fires. Feb 20, 2014 8:38 PM PT

White House Slams CBO's Wage Report

Despite the many times the White House has pointed to the CBO as proof that Obama's policies are working, the administration pushed back against this week’s report that claimed that a hike in the minimum wage would kill jobs. Feb 19, 2014 1:54 AM PT

Milk to Jump to Over $4 a Gallon

Food industry specialists and economists are warning that milk could jump as much as 60 cents a gallon putting the dairy staple at its most expensive per gallon cost ever. Feb 19, 2014 1:33 AM PT

University of Chicago Student Dead in Dorm Room for a Week

Students at the University of Chicago thought the smell in the hallway of their dorm was getting pretty bad, but none suspected that it emanated from the body of a student lying dead in his dorm room, maybe for up to a week. Feb 18, 2014 6:36 AM PT

Chicago Winter Weather Brings Storm, Massive Flight Cancellations at O'Hare

Chicago is being hit by another winter snowstorm causing public transportation delays, long expressway travel times, and massive flight cancellations at area airports. These problems are further stressing groaning streets and sanitation budgets in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, which are already over-spent from dealing with this winter's snowfall. Feb 17, 2014 7:12 PM PT

School Textbook Calls Reagan Sexist, Slams Conservatives

A sophomore at the University of South Carolina was shocked recently to find a school textbook presenting as fact the claims that Ronald Reagan was a sexist and that conservatives think people are incapable of charity and those on welfare are "lazy." Feb 17, 2014 3:14 PM PT

'Union Radio' Struggling Thanks to Dwindling Labor Dues

As the organized labor movement feels blows such as workers of a Tennessee Volkswagen plant deciding not to join a union, Union-sponsored, activist radio shows struggle to maintain what little presence they have left on the nation's airwaves. Feb 16, 2014 6:05 PM PT

Time Slams 1 Percenter, Forgets to Mention He's a Democrat Donor

Venture capitalist and big political donor Tom Perkins has caused not a few controversies over his comments about politics and Time Magazine is again attacking this "1 percenter" for them. But, Time seems to have forgotten to mention one thing. Perkins has been a big Democrat donor. Feb 16, 2014 1:11 AM PT

Mom's Anti-Gay Rejection of Kid's Birthday Invite a Hoax

The Internet burned up last week when a nasty note from a purportedly homophobic mom telling gay parents that her child would not be attending their kid's birthday party went viral. But now it has been revealed that it was all just a joke, a stunt perpetrated by a New York radio show. Feb 16, 2014 1:09 AM PT


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