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The Richest Men in Sports

Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer features prominently as the 18th richest on the newest Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans, but he isn't the only sports figure on the big list. Sep 29, 2014 11:50 AM PT

Obama Finally Says Ebola a 'Growing Threat'

Five months after the outbreak began killing hundreds of Africans, President Obama is now saying that the Ebola virus poses a "growing threat to regional and global security." Sep 27, 2014 1:38 PM PT

Bridge Collapse Results in Near Death Experience for Matthew Stafford

In what might be considered an occupational hazard of playing for Detroit, a city rapidly falling into disrepair, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford traveled on his way to practice when the overhead bridge collapsed. The driver of the truck was killed in the accident. Sep 26, 2014 11:25 AM PT

Gambler Correctly Calls 15 NFL Games to Win Big

This week a gambler from Kingman, Arizona correctly picked the winners of all 15 Sunday and Monday NFL games, winning $57,935 off of a $5 bet. The NFL's Rex losing helped the casino's "Rex" win. Sep 25, 2014 5:54 AM PT

More Churches Sheltering Illegal Immigrants from Authorities

On September 10, Breitbart reported that several churches in Arizona drew national attention for sheltering illegal immigrants from authorities, but now up to 24 churches across the country have joined the first few Arizona churches in this movement. Sep 25, 2014 4:09 AM PT


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