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Why Brown is Winning: Californians Are More Optimistic

A new Field Poll finds a huge increase in the percentage of Californians happy with the direction the state is headed, bolstering Governor jerry Brown’s reelection chances. 43% of respondents thought that the state was improving, compared to only 13% in 2010. Though 41% of voters thought things were deteriorating, in 2010 that number was a staggering 80%. Sep 5, 2014 12:41 PM PT

Seal Virus Threat to Humans

The scientific journal Nature Communications has published the results of a study conducted by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital that focused on an avian influenza virus that left harbor seals dead along the New England coast, and their findings indicate that the virus poses a threat to humans. Sep 5, 2014 10:05 AM PT

Feinstein Warns Silicon Valley that ISIS Is Coming to U.S.

On Wednesday, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, informed the Silicon Valley Leadership Group in Santa Clara that the U.S. must fight ISIS, which she called "totally evil." Sep 4, 2014 1:58 PM PT

Day Care Closed Because of Alleged Food Stamp Fraud

WFTV 9 in Orlando, Florida, reports that a day care operation in DeLand shut down last weekend because the owner allegedly allowed a client to pay their fee with food stamps, then used the food stamps to buy materials for the day care center. Sep 4, 2014 5:06 AM PT

New Court Appeal to Stop High-Speed Rail

Kings County farmers and residents who oppose California's high-speed rail project are attempting a last-ditch effort to stop the construction of the $68 million behemoth. They are asking the California Supreme Court to hear their case and overturn an appellate court decision favoring the projected rail line, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Sep 3, 2014 11:49 AM PT

Where's Molly? Wes Welker Says He Wouldn't Know

Did the NFL delay the announcement of Wes Welker's drug suspension to coincide with the drug suspension of Colts owner Jim Irsay? The Denver slot receiver needn't be on MDMA to be a bit paranoid about being used as a PR pawn. Sep 3, 2014 10:32 AM PT

Left-Wing Clashes Roil Sacramento Labor Day Picnic

CBS 13 in Sacramento reports that the local Labor Day picnic was troubled by a schism among union members. The rift followed the suspension of Bill Camp, the outspoken labor leader who has opposed Mayor Kevin Johnson's attempt to increase the powers of his office. Camp was placed on paid administrative leave by theSacramento Central Labor Council Board. He has since filed a grievance with his bosses. Sep 2, 2014 12:29 PM PT

Legislators Leave Town Without Passing Tesla Incentives

The effort to keep Tesla Motors Inc. in California may have run into a major roadblock, according to the Los Angeles Times. Legislators in Sacramento failed to make a deal with Tesla before they adjourned, leaving other competitors such as Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas free to pursue the motor company while California diddles the time away. Sep 2, 2014 6:24 AM PT

Drought Threatens (Artificial) Salton Sea

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, unless Californians ante up to save the endangered Salton Sea, there could be environmental consequences for its surrounding areas, such as deteriorating air quality. The Salton Sea is the largest inland lake in the state, and has been a critical stop for birds as they travel the Pacific Flyway, but as it dries up, exposed playa that are covered with pesticides from agricultural run-off could foul the air. Sep 2, 2014 6:18 AM PT

Thousands of Fish Die in Mexican Lake

In Lake Cajititlán, a lagoon which lies in Jalisco, Mexico, thousands of fish weighing altogether almost 50 tons have died suddenly, baffling observers. Sep 2, 2014 5:04 AM PT


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