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Insurance Companies Concerned over Lack of Young, Healthy Enrollees in Exchanges

One of the fundamental elements of Obamacare requires that the risk of unhealthy and sick participants is mitigated on the backs of the young and healthy.  If enough younger and healthy people do not sign up for the program, there is nowhere to put the cost of covering those with expensive medical conditions.  Nov 15, 2013 2:59 AM PT

New Low: Less Than Half Say Obama Is 'Strong, Decisive' Leader

A new survey released by Gallup today shows that opinions about Obama's leadership has dropped to a new low. For the first time during Obama's presidency, less than half (47%) of adults say the President is a "strong and decisive leader," a six point dive since the question was measured in September.   Nov 13, 2013 4:16 AM PT

Another California City Headed for Bankruptcy?

Another city in California is considering bankruptcy, mainly due to runaway pension costs and salary levels. Desert Hot Springs, a small city 110 miles east of Los Angles would be the third city in California dealing with bankruptcy.  Nov 13, 2013 3:53 AM PT

McCain: People Want Me to Run Again

This weekend, Sen. John McCain said that people are pressuring him to run for President again.  However, he explained that a presidential run was "not on his radar." Nov 12, 2013 6:18 AM PT

Report: Obama to Replace NSA Head with Civilian

Amid criticisms of the National Security Agency's domestic snooping operations, the White House is considering appointing a civilian to head the agency. An official told the Hill, that a list of civilian candidates has been drafted for the position. although no decision has been made.  Nov 11, 2013 5:23 AM PT

Amazon to Make Sunday Deliveries Using the Postal Service

The United States Postal Service and Amazon.com have reached a deal for the improverished agency to deliver Amazon.com shipments on Sunday.  Earlier this year, the distressed USPS failed to garner Congressional approval to stop delivering mail on Saturdays, a move designed to ease their financial losses.  Nov 11, 2013 4:56 AM PT

Detroit Elects First White Mayor in Four Decades

Detroit's Mayor-elect Mike Duggan appeared at his first press conference yesterday to discuss his plans for the bankrupt city. During his remarks, he expressed his frustration at the discussion of his skin color during the mayoral race.  Nov 7, 2013 7:29 AM PT


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