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Republicans Take San Diego’s Mayor Race Despite Obama Endorsement

Looks like an Obama endorsement isn't carrying as much weight as it used to carry. Alvarez got a last minute endorsement from the President, but to little effect.  No doubt the endorsement was to drive people to the polls on election day, Alvarez' strong suit.  Feb 12, 2014 4:43 AM PT

FAA Investigating Illegal Drone Use in CT Car Crash Scene

According to Fox Connecticut News, the FAA is investigating the use of a drone flying around the scene of a fatal car crash.  The official Hartford, CT incident detailed the crash events including officers' statements that a drone was seen flying over the crash scene.  Feb 7, 2014 5:50 AM PT

'Swarm Robotics' Used in Conservation, Agriculture

'Swarm robotics' is a growing industry being put to use in creative ways. The concept has been around for decades, but groups of small robots working in teams to complete tasks has come in handy on the conservation and agricultural front.   Feb 7, 2014 5:30 AM PT

No Fishing Allowed in Olympic Toilets

Canadian snowboarder Sebastien Toutant arrived in Russia before the Olympic Games to find a list of rules posted in the bathrooms.  Among forbidden activities is fishing.  Feb 5, 2014 5:05 AM PT

New Facebook Paper App Getting Rave Reviews

Last week, Facebook released a new app for the Iphone called Facebook Paper. The app is designed to present Facebook in a configuration optimized for a mobile platform.  Feb 4, 2014 6:29 AM PT


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