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Jung's Theory of the Collective Unintelligence

In response to The Jung and Restless:

I'd settle for the credentialed (? -- is a J-degree really a serious credential?) at least taking their credentialism seriously, and following it to the proper conclusions.

For example, I'm sure you were as bewildered by Terry Moran's hectoring as I was:

Curious: What is Rand Paul's foreign policy background? Did he serve in the military? Did he study, live, do business or charity overseas? --Terry Moran (@TerryMoran) January 23, 2013

I checked Wikipedia and I see nothing in Terry Moran's resume indicating he possesses any of the credentials he claims are a prerequisite for Rand Paul to ask questions of Hillary Clinton. And yet I've never heard former Court TV cub reporter demonstrate any reservations about his own credentials to opine on all sorts of subjects.

The average Media General All-Purpose Expert apparently graduated with a double major, one in Journalism, the other in Everything.

Evil Thought: I don't want to be too credentialist myself, but if the mandarins of the credentialed non-elite want to push this notion of credentialism, I think I'm entitled to see some credentials.

A website disclosing the GPA's and SATs of our self-styled Mandarins of Human Thought would be wildly popular... and, I imagine, hugely hilarious.

I don't get a "genius vibe" off Brian Williams. Or Terry Moran.  Or former host of the reality show The Mole Anderson Cooper, who seems like he's spent his whole life angling for the Editor-in-Chief gig at Modern Ascot but somehow got sidetracked into anchoring CNN.

Most of these guys seem like it was between this and regional theater.  And they couldn't "play handsome," so.


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