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Piers Morgan Syndrome

This week George Zimmerman's brother went on Piers Morgan's show to defend his brother's actions against Trayvon Martin.  Newsbusters reports:

CNN's Piers Morgan invoked the death of Trayvon Martin to support his case for gun control, but the brother of Martin's accused shooter George Zimmerman had a retort ready on Tuesday's Piers Morgan Tonight.

"You would accept, would you not, that if your brother had not gone out armed with a gun that day, Trayvon Martin would be celebrating his 18th birthday today," Morgan first pressed Zimmerman.  [Video coming soon. Audio here.]


But Zimmerman responded with his side of the story: "You know, there's no telling what would have happened. We don't know if we would have been commemorating shortly the one-year anniversary that George was another statistic, another person killed at the hands of his attacker."

He added, "You know, you can only slam someone's head violently into the concrete so many times. You can only break someone's nose and sit on them for so long while they're screaming for help for over a minute before that person has to take some kind of action."

Let me be the first to coin the phrase "Piers Morgan Syndrome" or PMS.  It's when you think you've just won an argument, but instead you're humiliated by your own juvenile thinking.  (It's not necessary to have an audience for PMS to occur.)


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