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License to Kill

I'm quite certain that the media is just working on its strong condemnation of a "toxic atmosphere" in which murder is celebrated and deranged persons celebrate "Second Amendment Solutions" and also toxic talking heads on extremist partisan news networks who suggest that we have to take the concerns of serial killers seriously and thereby send the message that if you want your political beliefs to triumph you should probably shoot 3-6 people to death.


Any minute now. They're just taking their time because they want their statement to perfect.

But the sick truth of it is this:  as we saw yet again with SPLC, the leftists aren't against murder; they're just against murder committed by non-leftists. When a leftist takes out a gun and starts murdering people they suddenly find a lot of nuance in murder. We shouldn't be so quick to judge.

In response to The Making of another Martyr or Mumia .


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