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CNN's (aka MSNBC White's) Game... that they are, supposedly, "just reporting what's being said on social media."

That is, the claim goes, they're neutrally reporting what's going on.  This is going on on social media; ergo, MSNBC White is neutral is reporting it.

The lie there, however, is that they actively choose which side's partisans they will read, and which side's partisans whose memes they will transmit to the audience.

The #tcot I'm sure had a bunch of funny memes about Obama.  But CNN didn't read those, and wouldn't read them, and wouldn't find them funny if they did, and if they did somehow find them funny, they wouldn't report them, because funny mocking of Obama would hurt Obama.

On the other hand, the idiotic crap on #p2 gets straight out to the public.

They need to demean Rubio, and they need him therefore to be mockable; #p2 makes up some idiotic meme that forwards this (somehow), and MSNBC White dutifully transmits it.

Similar to how #p2 needed "Binders Full of Women" to be uproariously funny, and so pretended it was hilarious, even though no one ever really explained why this was funny.

But the media sure grabbed up on that #p2 meme, didn't they?

It's not "neutral" when you only report the memes of your liberal buddies.  That's a decision.  And MSNBC White makes this decision every day of the week.

 Apparently there are no funny conservatives on Twitter.    Gee, I certainly can't think of a one.

Remember when the media used to make a (dumb) effort to relay tweets and blog comments to their audience?  Trying to tap into that then-"hot" new "blog" thing?

I got quoted twice, once on MSNBC and once on MSNBC White (CNN).

Both quotes involved me knocking a conservative.

 I guess all my critiques of liberals just wasn't funny or insightful enough for MSNBC and MSNBC White.  I guess I just hit it out of the park with the conservative critique.



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