I Agree 100% - Time To Invoke Reagan's 11th Commandment

In response to Conservative infighting and the Eleventh Commandment:

There is a difference between informed, careful criticism and "speaking ill" of someone - for example, by calling them "crazy, stupid, and dangerous."  Particularly when the ill speaking serves to shore up a major liberal narrative, in this case the destruction of one of conservatism's greatest champions, and the elevation of the absurd Fluke to something like secular sainthood.

 I went back and reread what I had written about Rush's comments on Sandra Fluke, last March. To be honest, I was not pleased with El Rushbo at the time -  mainly because what he had said was so imprudent. Most of us get it when he does his demonstrating absurdity by being absurd schtick. But during an election year, at a time when the left was on hyper-alert for any slip-ups on our side that would play into their idiotic "Republican War Against Women" narrative, it was inexcusably obtuse of him. Call this constructive criticism:

As I keep saying, the cynical Democrat election year ploy of labeling Republican reactions to Obama’s contraception mandate as a Republican “War on Women” is deeply disingenuous and absurd on it’s face. Half of the people who make up the Republican party are women, and (just like the men!), we don’t think it’s the government’s responsibility to pay for people’s birth control. We also think it’s a shocking violation of religious liberties for the federal government to force individuals and organizations to buy a product that violates their conscience. That is what the debate is about. It has nothing to do with women’s rights.

After 30 year old reproductive rights activist, Sandra Fluke, testified before Congress to make the case that religious institutions should pay for her contraception needs, Rush went a little overboard to draw attention to the absurdity of it all.

Since she was basically arguing that someone else should pay for her to be able to have sex – to the tune of $1,000 a year, Rush called her a prostitute and a slut. He has since apologized for stooping to the level of discourse more typical of the left. He really should be above that.

But the left’s outrage over one radio personality’s inappropriate comments and their Stalinesque attempt to drum him off the air must be addressed. The orchestrated anti-Rush media campaign has predictably led to multiple death threats against the popular radio host because the unhinged left responds to dog whistles, and for the past week the the Dem Media complex has been blowing the whistle on Rush.

And while they hyperventilate over Rush’s comments, they make excuses for the oppression, subjugation and slavery of women under Islam, as Atlas Shrugs notes:Puff Ho Enables Beating of Women, Whitewashes Koran’s Justification for Domestic Violence.


They don’t care. Standing up for Muslim women won’t win them any votes. But attacking conservatives gets the left-wing base excited.

There has been a war on women in this country, but it’s a war on conservative women as Michelle Malkin rightly noted.

Why SE Cupp, almost a year later,  would choose to reopen this wound by attacking Rush all over again is anyone's guess, but she chose very poorly if you ask me.


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