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Bottom Line: Their First Instinct Was To Lie

In response to The sadly predictable denoument of the Samira saga:

 The charitable take on all this is the one I offered above: Kerry, Clinton, Obama, and their teeming hordes of sequestration-proof aides never thought to review the full spectrum of Ibrahim's rhetoric, in their desperate haste to find a few passably progressive Muslim heroines they could hang medals from.  The uncharitable take is that they knew, but didn't care, and somehow talked themselves into believing it would never get out. 

I don't know why they would think that after Benghazi blew up in their faces. It makes you wonder how many  lies they've actually gotten away with. 

The bottom line is, the first instinct members of this Regime have when faced with any type of snafu, controversy, scandal or failure, is to brazenly lie their way through it.

As Ace put it:

Nothing but PR, nothing but PR, nothing but PR, nothing but CYA corporate crisis strategy, nothing but spin, nothing but politics, nothing but a steady torrent lies washing everything away.

  Sooooo sick of the lies....aren't you?


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