Left-Wing 9/11 Widow Rips Obama, Media Over Drones

Back in 2004, Kristen Breitweiser was one of what became known as "The Jersey Girls," a group of 9/11 widows who banded together to attack George W. Bush and his reelection chances. Naturally, by doing so, they quickly became media sensations, until, that is, they were no longer needed.

Today at HuffPo she rips Obama and the media over their drone hypocrisy:

Mr. President, what a high bar you have set for yourself in assuring us that you are no Dick Cheney when it comes to drones.

Wow, the country must feel so comfortably numb with your glowing self-assessment.

But actually Mr. President, you are probably worse than Dick Cheney.

Because with Cheney, the Democrats screamed and yelled (ok, more like ineffectively grumbled and mumbled) about Cheney's unconstitutional power grabs. Yes, with Cheney at least there was a modicum of pushback, a scintilla of oversight -- even if it was only due to partisan politics.

With you Mr. Obama, indeed, the halls of Congress, the media, and the provocateurs of the prattle-sphere are mostly silent. And that's what's so dangerous.

Ms. Breitweiser probably won't be seen all over the media again anytime soon.


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