National Review: Breitbart Rocks CPAC



National Review's Betsy Woodruff covers Breitbart News' presence at CPAC 2013. She captures the spirit of the Breitbart team and our readers--though I personally have yet to sign anyone's body parts:

“I just wanna say, heroes are ordinary people doing extraordinary things,” says one woman in the front row, “and I want to thank all of you.” The end of her sentence is drowned out by applause.

Speaking as Editor-in-Chief, I'm particularly proud of the fact that Breitbart continues to be as provocative within the conservative movement as we are aggressive with the institutional left.  

As Woodruff notes: "...[T]he best way to honor Breitbart is to attend a special event on Saturday called 'The Uninvited,' featuring speakers who deliberately weren’t invited to CPAC." (See more here.)

Woodruff adds, near the close: "Breitbart and his merry band may be wistful, but they carry their late friend’s sense of humor, as well as his entrepreneurial spirit." 

Well said. Read the rest here.


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