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In response to Just a Coincidence but I Do See a Resemblance:

I see that Allahpundit over at Hot Air did some digging into this breaking story at hard-news sites such as Buzzfeed and TMZ, and determined that one of the producers of "The Bible" is a maxed-out Obama donor who thinks maybe the real Devil is behind all this, introducing the Obama controversy to "distract from Jesus' message by creating a phony story."  

Odds that this guy set up a deliberate resemblance between Old Scratch and Old Downgrade for the purposes of insulting the latter: roughly 0.00%.  Probably best to check the casting office for the scent of brimstone, just to be sure the casting director wasn't Beelzebub.  I would think Beelzebub had his hands full keeping the careers of certain other actors bubbling through million-dollar careers without any discernible talent.  

Poor Mehdi Ouazzani: a veteran actor doing fine work on a mega-hit TV show, and this is all anyone can think to say about his performance.  


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