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Cyber Beat: Daily Roundup of Social Media and Tech Stories 3/19

Today's top stories in social media and technology include parenting in the age of social media, the publishing of allegedly hacked Benghazi emails,  severe cases of cyberbullying and cyberstalking, a hoax at a school enabled by a quirky tech glitch, update on the DDoS attack on Spamhaus, more mainstream coverage of SWATtings, judge comments on the severity of hacker Weev's punishment, Xbox awards hit by security breach, and more.

Read below for those stories and more.


Social Media Trends and Faux Pas.

Parents need to engage in what their kids are doing online.

Teenagers, Nudity, Cell Phones and Social Media: The Parenting Nightmare of 2013

Hoaxes, Harassment and Hacking.

After infamous hacker Guccifier struck again, excerpts from the emails turned up on an online news outlet.  The question is, are they authentic?

Russia Today Publishes Excerpts of Allegedly Hacked Benghazi Emails


Yet another example of despicable behavior on a social media site.  Many of us fear this kind of behavior will prompt overbearing legislation that could ultimately create unintended consequences.

'Exposing Easton' Facebook page example of cyberbullying, officials say


Students are getting creative at ditching classes, but is this indicative of larger problems to come?

Computer glitch leads to social media hoax for Derry Township School district students

I first read this story when the book's author published an excerpt a few months ago and Patterico blogged about it.  It resonated with me because of personal experience and several other similar accounts I've been familiar with, and I think it illustrates how the very dark side of some individuals are brought out by tools like blogs, social media and email today. The longer excerpt is both a fascinating and frightening read.

A chilling story of cyberstalking

Spamhaus says the attack that a reporter wrote was carried out by Anonymous was actually done by a Russian criminal malware gang and NOT by Anonymous.

Anonymous DDoS Attack Report Bogus, Spamhaus Says

Fast Company covers the SWATting trend.

SWATing: A Prank Where Police Storm Your House

The debate continues.

U.S. ‘Hacker’ Crackdown Sparks Debate Over Computer Fraud Law

Law and Order.

A school secretary who hacked into the school's computer system shortly after leaving her job gets a break.

Northwestern Lehigh hacker who changed kids' grades avoids jail: Ex-Northwestern Lehigh secretary changed her children's grades, looked at personnel files, emails

Judge called out “pervasive disrespect” of infamous AT&T hacker "Weev."

Defiant e-mail hacker got harsh sentence because of 'disrespect' to court

"On Tuesday, the Department of Justice acknowledged for the first time that the notion that e-mail more than 180 days old should require a different legal standard is outdated."

Finally, Feds say cops’ access to your e-mail shouldn’t be time-dependent


"Voting site was the victim of a security breach which resulted in the names, gamertags, emails and birthdays of 2,892 entrants being posted online."

Xbox Entertainment Awards Hit by Security Breach

Bleeding Cool reports that the makers "promise to bring movie-quality animation to the characters."

Moonlighting Pixar Artists Announce First Video Game, Flyhunter


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