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Latino policy outreach

In response to Latinos and Blacks differ:

Do you have any thoughts about what the winning Republican appeals to Latino voters on policy might be, David?  

I'm very curious to collect suggestions along these lines.  I've heard it said many times that Republicans should reach out to Hispanic voters instead of ceding them to Democrats as another 70% or 80% voting bloc.  In the past, of course, it was often said that Hispanic voters were "a natural Republican constituency" just waiting to be activated, but we don't hear that so much any more.

What are the GOP policy moves that will break the ice with this group of voters?  Not amnesty, to be sure.  The Republicans will never make citizenship bids as generous as the Democrats; Marco Rubio's "pay a fee, no voting or welfare" provisional citizenship will be very swiftly followed by a Democrat bid of immediate voting rights and access to social programs, with back taxes and penalties waived.  It has, at any rate, become conventional wisdom that resistance to amnesty is killing Republican outreach to current Latino voters, so this is more about removing a negative than installing a positive.

What else?  Not social issues, alas.  Young Latinos skew socially liberal on abortion and gay marriage.  The religious convictions of older voters in this group seem to be far outweighed by their general appreciation for Big Government.

Is it just a matter of winning the Latino vote alongside increased support from the general population, by more effectively promoting conservative principles?  Do we have any firm answers about why the Hispanic vote seems to tilt so strongly to the Left?  Maybe if the GOP understood that better, its outreach to that community would be more effective.


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