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Cyber Beat: Daily Roundup of Social Media and Tech Stories 3/20

Today's top stories in social media and technology include how Twitter shapes your online persona, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's Twitter faux pas, Facebook photo brings SWAT team to a family's door, update on the Reuters journalist charged of conspiring with Anonymous, cyberattack on South Korea, updates in a vexatious lawsuit against a satirical blogger, first civil suit filed in California over warrantless cell phone search, live-streaming the Penny Arcade Expo this week and other gamer news.

Read below for those stories and more.

Social Media Trends and Faux Pas.

Not surprisingly, Anthony Weiner makes an appearance.

Twitter at 7: Smart or stupid, we are what we tweet

“From now on we’ll try to get him to keep his humor to St. Pat’s videos.”

Gov. Patrick’s re-election prank sparks Twitter storm

An innocent Facebook photo leads to a visit from state child welfare workers and law enforcement.

No charges for family that faced police in SWAT gear over picture of son with rifle

Hoaxes, Harassment and Hacking.

"Social media editor at Reuters turns to Facebook to criticize charges that he conspired with the hacktivist group to deface the L.A. Times Web site, which belongs to his former employer."

Keys denies giving Tribune login credentials to Anonymous

A case with social media similarities to the recent Steubenville, Ohio case.

Sex Charges in Connecticut Are Dissected on Internet

South Korean officials say the attack emanated from a Chinese IP address, but we still don't know the identity of the attackers.

Your hard drive will self-destruct at 2pm: Inside the South Korean cyber-attack

Law and Order.

The latest in the hilarious saga of Carreon's suit (that he'd since agreed to settle) against a satirical blogger.

Charles Carreon Claims A First Amendment Right To Make Vexatious Legal Threats Without Consequence

"First civil suit in California to fight warrantless cell phone search at arrest."

Activist sues San Francisco PD after warrantless search of his phone


Xbox has been having a rough week with hackers - I think this is the third incident this week.

Report: Hackers Target High Profile MS Employee XBL Accounts

More on the EA platform issue.

Gaming (in)security: EA Origin vulnerability; some Microsoft Xbox Live accounts hacked

You can still catch the Penny Arcade Expo this week, even if you can't travel to Boston.

Twitch.TV To Live Stream from PAX East

"Redbox Instant by Verizon is now streaming on Xbox LIVE—the first gaming platform to have it."

Redbox Instant by Verizon


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