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2014 Looking Pretty Promising For Republican Takeover of Senate

As many pundits have noted, the president's agenda for the next two years is to crush Republicans so Democrats can win both houses in 2014. But his attempt to tie the sequester around Republican necks is flopping miserably according to recent poll numbers because too many voters are on to his tricks. As it now stands, it looks like the GOP will be able to retain their House majority in 2014.

Philip Klein of The Washington Examiner has some good news for Republicans on the Senate side, too:

In 2014, Democrats will be defending a total of 21 seats, including seven states Mitt Romney carried — Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia, Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina. In contrast, Republicans will be defending 14 seats. All of those seats are in Romney states, except for one — the Collins seat in Maine.

He notes that most Republicans would have trouble in Maine, but Collins was reelected with nearly 62% of the vote in a state Obama won by 17 points.

Now if Republicans in the House can just hold the line for a couple more years.....


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