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Guns: Biden Talks About 'Black Helicopter Crowd'

Vice President Joe Biden, proponent of shooting blindly through front doors and discharging a shotgun in a residential neighborhood, has provided another delicious morsel of gun wisdom in an NPR interview. 

"When you go to registration, it raises all the black-helicopter-crowd notion that what this is all about is identifying who has a gun so that one day the government can get up and go to the house and arrest everyone who has a gun, and they’ll cite Nazi Germany and all that."

Biden also said that he and President Skeet have not given up on passing an assault weapon ban. "Eventually the will of the people is going to prevail and we’re going to keep at it." I suspect if the will of the people were to institute an assault weapon ban, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would have included that in his now-neutered gun control bill. As it were, there isn't public support for a ban. 


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