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Ignorance, Arrogance and Duplicity Pay Well on The Left

In response to Movin' On Up:

 Just a reminder....

@mattyglesias, (known in some quarters as the world’s dumbest blogger), was also one of the first lefties to slime Sarah Palin (and Michele Bachmann) after the Tucson massacre for creating a political climate in which “violent rhetoric and imagery”  incited people to murder:

A reminder that gun imagery and electoral politics don’t mix that well:

That's right. Master Matty's first  first response to the horrific tragedy was to think of his political enemies, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann in a despicable attempt to score political points for the Left.

 One almost suspects that Matty's real talent isn't his business acumen, or  his economic chops but....something else altogether.


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