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Ignorance and arrogance evidently pay well

In response to Show Me The Money!:

The craziest thing about this news is that Yglesias gets paid big bucks to "write about business and the economy for Slate," when he has a grade-school understanding of both.  This is the guy who recently recoiled in shock when he discovered that creating a small business venture is extremely difficult because the form of government he ardently supports imposes huge regulatory burdens.  

Then he set about dismissing corporate CEOs looking for a way to handle the costs of ObamaCare as a bunch of whiners because they can just raise the price of their products to any level they want, any time they want.

Correcting his childish misunderstandings and leftist arrogance is a constant hobby for some conservative bloggers.  He's got the business acumen and economic expertise of a pimply teenager looking at the stub of his first paycheck and wonder who this Greek lady "Fica" is, and why she gets so much of his money.


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