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Columbia Journalism School Costs $84K Per Year

While I think it is important for those interested in certain professions to attend college -- surgeons and those who run nuclear power plants immediately come to mind -- did you know it costs $84k a year to go to Columbia Journalism School?

This means that any number of dolts are being swindled out of the money that could buy a house in order to be programmed into provincial, hive-minded drones armed with audacious lies to protect the State.

Does it really cost $84k a year to sit at Chuck Todd's cool kids' table?

Hey, where can I spend $84k a year to earn entry into a dying industry? Is there a "prestigious" school that will teach me to manufacture buggy whips?

Man alive, what a hustle. What's especially amusing is that if those paying $84k a year for j-school weren't so bigoted towards religion, they would know you can sell your soul for free.


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