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Movin' On Up

In response to Show Me The Money!:

So after graduating Harvard, writing at a few crank websites and loitering at the Juicebox Mafia chatroom, glorified blogger lands a gig at Slate sufficiently lucrative to afford him a $1.2 million dee-luxe condo in the sky

Some choice nuggets of wisdom from young master Yglesias, Slate's go-to-guy on economic and business matters: "American doctors are overpaid." "Property is theft." 

Witnessing the crew of $12/hour movers lugging furniture into his shiny new $1.2 million property theft, one ponders the difference between Yglesias and garden-variety extravagant hypocrites like, say, Ted Haggard and Jim Bakker. Here's your answer: Haggard and Bakker had the capacity for embarrassment.

But hey, who am I to criticize this modern-day Horatio Alger, the young lad who by luck and pluck worked his way up to the top of the anti-capitalist screed industry? That's what capitalism is all about.

Speaking of capitalism: Mr. Yglesias' generous salary is provided by the Washington Post Company, traded on the NYSE as WPO. Investors, please take note.


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