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What Will Obama Do When Israel Strikes Iran?

In response to On Netanyahu's apology to Turkey:

Israel was in no way responsible for the deaths. Turkey's ruling party had given its blessing to the flotilla, whose lead boat, the Mavi Marmara, was packed with Islamist radicals who promptly attacked the Israeli commandos who boarded it (other ships in the flotilla surrendered without incident). Even the UN took Israel's side--something that almost never happens, especially when the Palestinians are involved.

Netanyahu's apology was purely about rebuilding relations with Turkey as both nations struggle to contain the fallout of the civil war in Syria and the threat of a nuclear Iran. It was also about appeasing Obama. And perhaps Netanyahu's apology was the price of the public green light Obama gave for an Israeli attack on Iran.

I agree. Bibi, bit his tongue and appeased Obama for giving him cover for a possible  preemptive strike against Iran. But think about it, do you really think that when the time comes for Israel to attack Iran, Obama will stand firm with them?  When the strike on Iran happen, and it will, is Obama going to stand in the corner and say nothing, or will he come out and fully back the military operation, regardless of how excessive the Islamic and European communities will condemn the operation of being?


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