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CNN' Piers Morgan Gets Out-Gunned

By now, defenders of the Second Amendment have grown accustomed to CNN’s Piers Morgan, and his obnoxiously shrill brand of opportunistic gun-control advocacy. However, a combination of  middling ratings and frequent trouncings by conservatives have rendered Morgan little more than histrionic nanny-state comic relief to Mike Bloomberg’s straight man.  But what if the shrill gun-control advocate were a highly respected anchor with monster ratings instead of the clownish Morgan…someone with gravitas and standing approaching that of a Murrow or a Cronkite?

Univision’s Jorge Ramos is a ferocious opponent of the Second Amendment.  Contrary to Morgan’s attempts to dance around the question of handguns vis-a-vis “assault weapons”, Ramos often goes the full Schakowsky, and calls for outright repeal of the Second Amendment.

 Such advocacy can be as dangerous as Walter Cronkite’s declaration of Vietnam War unwinnability, particularly when considering his audience…immigrants who might not be aware of their Constitutional rights, who have no understanding of its origins, and who come from places that have no such Constitutional provisions.


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