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The New World War Z Trailer (and Thoughts on the Book)

I just finished reading World War Z, the book on which the film is based. In case you missed it, the novel is written as a series of interviews supposedly published a dozen years after the outbreak of a disease which creates zombies. The faux-interviews from around the world give dozens of distinct perspectives on the zombie apocalypse as it happened through various stages, eventually resulting in humans taking back control of the planet. There is no central character in the book other than the reporter doing the interviews and he is never part of the action.

Obviously many liberties were taken when translating the book to film. Brad Pitt is one of those liberties but not the only one. In the book the zombies are depicted as relatively slow moving creatures oozing black slime. They are strong but it's possible to outrun them. The movie seems to have turned them into a herd which races through cities like wildebeests on the savannah. All of this to say, the film seems to have little connection to the book and will stand or fall on its own. Here's the new trailer:


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