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North Korean Saber Rattling Peaked This Month

North Korea has really become unhinged in the last couple weeks as US sanctions take effect in the wake of their most recent nuclear test. Today, state TV announced the nation would be entering "combat duty posture No. 1" which apparently means North Korean missiles will target US bases in Hawaii and Guam.

The North Koreans also released a new propaganda video showing soldiers streaming across the South Korean border. The video threatens to take 150,000 Americans hostage, which is roughly the number of Americans now in South Korea if you include the 30,000 military personnel who guard the border. Here's a bit of that video with helpful description by CNN:

If you want to see the full clip minus the commentary it's here. While the content may seem extreme, it's no worse than the propaganda video issued a week ago which showed Korean missiles blowing up the US Capitol.

Both of those clips follow this one--issued the first week of March--in which North Korean soldiers promise a nuclear attack on Seoul and Washington if North Korea is attacked. That was followed by a similar man-on-the-street clip in which North Korean citizens wish for nuclear strikes that will kill every "yankee."

It's hard to see where the North Koreans can go with their threats after promising nuclear war.


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