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'Justified' finale

Fantastic season finale for "Justified" tonight.  Any chance of these writers holding a workshop for the "Walking Dead" team, at least on the subject of how to wrap up a season?  And how to write characters who do surprising things that still make perfect sense?

My only quibble was not seeing more of Raylan's fellow marshals, who could only be spared a few moments to check in.  Hopefully we'll see them more next season.  They have the most interesting co-worker chemistry since early "Mad Men."

The conversation between Raylan and Boyd about what each tells himself when he goes to sleep at night, to convince himself he's still the good guy, was a perfect summary of what the series is all about.

Several people learn, to their cost, that Raylan does not make idle threats.  He's a likable, witty, polite man, but beneath all that he nurses a rage hot enough to burn his hometown off the map.  Life just never stops picking fights with him.  Sometimes the use of music to roll out the final scenes of TV episodes is cheesy - I'm looking at you, CW Network - but the song draped over the final moments of "Justified" was utterly perfect.


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