Entertainment Tonight Anchor Asks Michelle Obama About 'Sex Symbol' Husband

They call politics, "show business for ugly people", but that doesn't stop Democrats from calling their favorite politicians "sex symbols." On Entertainment Tonight, last night, the host mentioned Bill Clinton and JFK as two notable examples, but there are more. She asked the First Lady how she felt being married to a sex symbol.

“He’s got a little swag,” Obama admitted with a smile. “That’s OK, I’m proud of him.”

 I recently used the word "swag" to mean "loot" in front of my 14 year old and was laughed at for using the word wrong. She was surprised that I didn't know what it meant because the word is so overused it's become annoying. Old fuddy-duddy that I am, I learned only a couple weeks ago, that "swag" is (over)used by teenagers to convey coolness in the way a person presents himself.


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