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Six degrees of Steven Seagal

In response to "Justified" Is Called "Justified" Because of Steven Seagal:

Huh, never knew that about the title of "Justified," thanks for putting me the knowledge.  I like what they came up with a lot better than "Lawman."  I wonder if the title has ever inspired the writing; personally, I have trouble getting into anything I write before I think of a title, and I rarely change titles once I'm over halfway done.

Could Steven Seagal be any more awesome?  I'll bet every major event in human history can be linked to Seagal by no more than six degrees of separation.  Okay, maybe seven for the stuff that happened before he was born.  Well, the date he claims he was born.  I've seen period art from previous centuries that included background figures who looked suspiciously like him.  Especially during eras when ponytails were common on men.

One other thought on conservative art Thunderdome: we can find many examples of badly-written films and TV shows that managed to succeed through outstanding production values, or exceptionally good acting, but those resources generally are not available to conservative or libertarian-leaning filmmakers (and the few exceptions are people like Christopher Nolan, who don't have to hide crummy writing behind pyrotechnics.)  So, advice to the aspiring conservative filmmaker: your screenplay is the one thing you can afford to get right, and the one thing you absolutely cannot afford to get wrong.


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