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Eric Holder Gets 'Jiggy' On the Radio

In response to Eric Holder Considers Himself The President's 'Wingman':

 “I’m still enjoying what I’m doing, there’s still work to be done.  I’m still the President’s wing-man, so I’m there with my boy.  So we’ll see,” Holder said in an interview on the Tom Joyner radio show.

Holder just referred to Obama as his boy. Did Holder just try to come across as  'ghetto-fabulous' and 'hip' on a radio show whose listeners are predominantly black? While I didn't hear the whole interview, I am dying to find out if he made any other attempts at speaking ebonics.

The Obama administration got hundreds of Mexicans and one, (perhaps two) American law enforcement agents killed due to the criminally stupid gun running scheme, Fast and Furious.  So far, they've gotten with it.

Hey, lets not forget that Holder is responsible for deporting more illegal immigrants than any other AG in U.S. history. Viva La Raza! Now go back Mexico, or wherever you came from.


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