Obama Quickly Acknowledged Roger Ebert's Death, Ignored American Sniper's Death

PJ Media's Bryan Preston noticed the president's prompt reaction on Twitter to liberal film critic, Roger Ebert's death:

Celebrated Navy SEAL  Chris Kyle was shot by a disturbed fellow veteran February 2, 2013. But there was no prompt reaction from Obama to his shocking death, even though Kyle was known as "the legend" among fellow seals.

He had seen action in every major battle during Operation Iraqi Freedom during his 10-year career as a member of SEAL Team 3, and his total of 160 kills made him the deadliest sniper in US history.

There hasn't been a peep from Obama or White House Press Secretary Jay Carney acknowledging this American hero's death. 

Last month, WH Dossier's Keith Koffler compiled a list of "others who would seem not more heroic than Kyle" who have received statements from Obama expressing grief upon their passing:

 Ray Bradbury, singer Donna Summer, business tycoon Steve Jobs, Eunice Kennedy, Dick Clark, Richard Chavez – the brother of Cesar Chavez – Kenyan activist Wangari Maathai, Wilma Mankiller – first Cherokee Nation female chief - King George Tupou V of Tonga, basketball coach John Wooden, Chicago Bishop Arthur Brazier, and Kam Kuwata, a former Obama political aide.

A statue is currently being made by craftsmen in Arlington, VA to honor the slain SEAL.


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