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Obama's 5% solidarity with federal workers 3.6% unemployment rate

President Obama finally put on his comfortable walking shoes and hit the electronic picket line by giving back 5% of his salary in solidarity with federal workers. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics the unemployment rate for federal workers is 3.6% in March 2013 down from 3.8% in February.

For you private sector schleps Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a March 2013 record of 89,967,000 Americans not in the workforce. That is an increase of 663,000 from the 89,304,000 not in the workforce in February 2013. Oh and yes, you pay the federal salaries. Should we talk disparity in federal vs. private sector salaries next? 

Where Obama's priorities lie should now be obvious even to the Democrat schleps who are being soaked at the same rate as we evil righties.

Full blown sad sarcasm and numbers to make it hurt just a little more today. The White House says the economy is doing just fine. 

Oh and one more thing ... labor force participation rates are at a 34 year low.


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