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A rare moment of class from MSNBC

MSNBC observed the passing of Margaret Thatcher in its usual fashion, with Martin Bashir's vitriol and the general scorn the left has always had for the Iron Lady. The rest of the mainstream media, which tends to share quietly the same prejudices MSNBC waves in front of the camera, rushed to plunge their daggers as well, treating Thatcher not-so-subliminally as a villain while lauding Hugo Chavez as a hero a few weeks ago.

But Andrea Mitchell stepped up her game, hosting a very respectful (and accurate) segment in which she reviewed Thatcher's career with the British ambassador to the U.S., along with the Daily Beast's Tina Brown and other. Former First Lady Nancy Reagan even called in to pay her respects, and Mitchell welcomed her warmly. Not the usual drill from Mitchell, and especially not from MSNBC. But worth noting nonetheless.


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