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Everyone has air-power against the 'Institutional Left'

In response to Hannity Special on Black Conservatives Features Dr. Ben Carson:

Now use your air-power (intentional hyphen). The optics of showing black conservatives is important to breaking the false narative of the institutional left. It is just the begining for all not just blacks. We consrvative minded people know they'll attack, even lie to maintain their power. Good, you don't take flak till you're over the target and I believe in overwhelming air-power.

We all have air-power be it one on one, over a phone, in front of a camera, in new media or a national microphone. It is a responsibility to use our air-power with facts, simple arguments in complex matters and in language those not yet in the choir can relate to. Commit to a tough long term battle for our culture and country.

Your charge is before you as is our future.  


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