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The New York Times Deliberately Misstates All of the Key Facts in Weinergate, In Order to Deny Breitbart Credit, and to Suggest That Anthony Weiner Decided Himself to Do the Honorable Thing and Confess It Was No "Hack"


Anthony Weiner

The New York Times deliberately pretends Breitbart's June 6, 2011, disclosure of pictures from another woman, with that other witness providing details of the cyber-affair to both Breitbart and ABCNews, never happened, and thus did not compel Anthony Weiner's confession later that very day, at around 7pm.

Instead, it misstates when Breitbart actually got involved as a reporter, pretending Breitbart's contribution occurred over Memorial Day weekend-- and that the only thing which motivated Anthony Weiner to confess was his own conscience, and a nicely-narrated conversation between Erring Husband and Moral-Center Wife.  The New York Times, by pretending that Weiner wasn't forced to admit at 7pm on June 6th what everyone knew from Breitbart from 6am on June 6th, attempts to portray Weiner's confession as an honorable one, which he really didn't have to make at all, rather than one he was absolutely, completely compelled to make.

It's really astonishing. It's just a deliberate lie from start to finish.

I hate saying go read my blog but really, go read my blog.


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