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FBI Pulled Video Surveillance from McConnell Campaign HQ

A source with detailed knowledge of the situation indicates that the FBI was seen pulling video surveillance footage from the building where the meeting was held. There is speculation, not confirmed yet by the FBI, that investigators may have zeroed in on a possible intruder and are now searching for specific individuals.

This follows a report yesterday that the FBI was investigating the campaign office where someone recorded a strategy meeting back in Februrary. Audio of the meeting was leaked to Mother Jones and published Tuesday.

As I noted yesterday, two sources familiar with the meeting indicate only about 10 high level staffers were inside the room for the strategy session, all of them long-time confidants. However the office in question has a back door which connects to an outside hallway. One source familiar with the layout thought it was possible someone could have made the recording from this location. But again, none of this has been confirmed by the FBI.


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