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Gosnell and Big News

In response to What if Gosnell Gets the Death Penalty?:

Actually, Ace, I think we already know what will happen if Gosnell gets the death penalty, and Team Embargo suddenly has to start covering him.  It'll look like Operation Fast and Furious.  

Remember when Obama stepped in to protect Eric Holder, and networks that had literally never said a word about the story suddenly had to explain what Fast and Furious was?  I believe NBC was one of them, clocking in for the very first time with a quick review of the background, so their uninformed audience would have some idea why it was suddenly a big deal and the President was involved.

The MSM pretty much got away with that.  We were all quoting John McClane and yelling "Welcome to the party, pal!" but they just stumbled through the basics of the story, threw out some Obama-friendly distractions (remember the sudden intense focus on Operation Wide Receiver, the much smaller gun-walking program from the Bush years, which actually did make an effort to track the guns?) 

The media then returned to reporting whatever the White House wanted them to talk about, which sure as hell wasn't Operation Fast and Furious.  Low-information voters never heard about any of the fallout.  They'll do something like that with Gosnell, I suspect - just hustle readers past the story they never wanted to cover, and find something else to hold everyone's attention.  I'll wager they find a way to insert an abortion-lobby hero into this nightmare.  And they will not be a bit interested in asking about any other Kermit Gosnells that might be out there.  No narratives, larger meanings, national conversations, or important lessons.  Just a gasp, and then uncomfortable silence.


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