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In December, Progress KY Tried to Enter McConnell's Office and Was Told to Stop Recording

Progress Kentucky was formed in December 2012 by Shawn Reilly and Curtis Morrison. One of the group's first actions was an attempt to bring a small group of "fiscal cliff carolers" into McConnell office in London, Kentucky.

When they attempted to enter, the group was directed to pass through security at which point they were asked to shut off their camera. One individual who appears to be building security even points to a sign indicating that recording devices are not allowed.

This week Progress Kentucky was accused of making a recording of a strategy meeting which took place February 2 in Sen. McConnell's campaign office in Louisville, Ky. The pair allegedly entered the building past first floor security and placed a recording device near a back door to an office where McConnell and his staff were holding a private meeting.


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