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Rubio Walks Immigration Tightrope

Senator Marco Rubio is expected to discuss his "Gang of 8's" immigration reform bill this weekend on all of the Sunday morning shows.  

Remember, Rubio is one of the most vocal opponents of Obamacare and all of its tax-raising, job-killing components. Rubio is also on record of saying that he is against any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants. 

So, if this Obama-sanction Senate immigration reform bill calls for tax hikes, as the Republican Budget Committee has said it would, will Rubio vote in favor of the bill?

The bill is reported to increase taxes by $40 billion in 2022 for Obamacare and Medicaid alone. What about the years leading up to, and the years following 2022? How much more will Americans be tax if this immigration bill is signed into law?

We all agree that something needs to be done about immigration reform, and that a pathway to citizenship needs to be address, as long as it is not full-blown amnesty.

 But if Rubio votes for an immigration reform bill that increases taxes on Americans, does that make him a hypocrite for bashing Obamacare, but then supporting it by voting for a tax-raising bill  that will  cover the healthcare demands of illegal immigrants who are granted a pathway to citizenship?


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