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Even the born-again Gosnell media coverage isn't exactly inspiring

In response to Dragged Kicking and Screaming to Their Own Job:

Here's a tasty little example of how the media is "awakening" to the Gosnell story: The current B.S. excuse from our caught-red-handed "gatekeepers" is that it's a "local" story that they wouldn't normally devote any coverage too - unlike, say, outrages perpetrated in Mega-Cities like Newtown, Connecticut or Aurora, Colorado.

One of those quaint "local" reporters, J.D. Mullane of the Bucks County Courier-Times, snapped an incredibly damning photograph that showed the "reserved for the media" area of the Gosnell courtroom completely empty.  Not a single one of our "gatekeepers" was warming a seat with their opinion-shaping butts.

That finally got some attention from the mainstream media - in the form of a CNN representative calling Mullane to hassle him about the authenticity of the photo.  His reply was, "Go to Philly and see."

Whereupon the CNN rep told him they have a "small staff" and couldn't spare a reporter to check out the courtroom.  CNN has a "small staff" now.  Can't spare anyone to hop over to Philly and cover a little "local" trial, don't you know.

Steve Kastenbaum from CNN later jumped on Mullane on Twitter to once more question the accuracy of the photo, backpedaling under outrage from Twitter users to claim he just wanted to establish that it was Mullane who took the shot.  But that's not at all what his first Tweet was about: "There's a photo going around purportedly showing empty seats in the courtroom.  Is this accurate?"

As collected over at, Kastenbaum was regaled with examples of numerous less-important stories that received all-hands-on-deck saturation coverage from CNN's "small staff," notably the Carnival Poop Cruises.  So I guess if Gosnell had been killing animals, killing babies with an "assault rifle," or killing babies on a Carnival cruise ship, CNN might have pried someone loose from its tiny staff and sent them to cover the trial.


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