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Iron Man falls back before terrorist horde

The U.K. premiere of "Iron Man 3" is going to be pushed back a day, from April 17 to April 18.  Why?  Because April 17 is Margaret Thatcher's funeral, and the authorities are worried about widespread "civic unrest."

In other words, the useless spoiled-brat hordes of the Left are going to turn out en masse and prove Lady Thatcher was absolutely correct about them, and about the importance of defeating them.

Ironically, "Iron Man 3" is about the high-tech capitalist hero's battle with a global terrorist... who is supposed to be Chinese, but we can't have that, because it would hurt box office in the Chinese market, so now he's Ben Kingsley.  And now the film's premiere will be meekly pushed back a day, without a peep of protest from all the bold free-thinking free-speaking heroes of Hollywood.

Try to imagine what would be said if a major summer blockbuster release was rescheduled due to the kind of massive Tea Party riot that never actually happened, ever, but the media is constantly wringing its hands about.

I have an alternative suggestion for the Brits.  You guys have cameras and facial-recognition software all over the place, right?  How about announcing that anyone who behaves in an unruly fashion on the day of Lady Thatcher's funeral will be immediately and irrevocably denied welfare benefits for life?


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